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Lamprey River Watershed Association



    The 2022 Lamprey River Watershed Residents Survey

    Rosemary Aviste, MS, and Janet Swim, Ph.D., from Penn State designed this survey, with input from Michelle Shattuck, MS, of the New Hampshire Water Resources Research Center (NHWRRC) and Abigail Lyon, MS, of the Piscataqua Regional Estuaries Partnership (PREP).

    The survey collected the responses of 192 residents in the Lamprey River Watershed on:
    -concerns about the Lamprey’s water quality,

    We will post a link to the survey on our website when it becomes available. 


    2022 Water Quality Monitoring Equipment Evaluation

    Monitoring equipment has come a long way in the last decade. There are remote sensors that update water quality parameters to a website in real-time, such as those being used by the NHWRRC, and handheld devices capable of testing multiple parameters simultaneously and storing that data on a memory stick. We are in the process of updating our monitoring equipment in 2022 with the help of the NHWRRC to provide our citizen scientists/monitors with gear that will work faster and have greater accuracy. We are currently testing HOBO dataloggers that can be “anchored” in place to measure DO, conductivity, temperature, and pH. We will also test an instrument by Hanna Instruments that measures up to 12 parameters (including pH, ORP, conductivity, temperature, and DO) simultaneously. It can store up to 45,000 samples and be programmed to sample every 2 seconds-3 hours. The Hanna instrument would significantly reduce that amount of time needed to sample each location.

    We hope to have these new instruments ready for our volunteers in 2023.