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Lamprey River Watershed Association


    Get Involved

    The Lamprey River Watershed Association relies on volunteers who contribute their time to the health of the watershed.

    Water Quality Monitor calibrates one of our test instruments

    Water Quality

    Volunteers are busy in the summer months monitoring the quality of the water in the main branch of the Lamprey River and also in the North River and Little River. To request more information on volunteering to test water quality, send us an email using volunteer at or call 603-659-9363.


    LRWA is seeking volunteers who are knowledgeable in the recreational potential of the watershed. Do you canoe or kayak? Have you traveled sections of the watershed? Can you describe the experience so that others might enjoy a similar outing? Please contact he LRWA office to help.


    The watershed is rich in cultural history. For thousands of years, humans have enjoyed the bountiful natural resources, sometimes leaving behind only small traces that they were ever there. The watershed has had many thriving commercial enterprises over the past several hundred years, with remains of mill buildings and dams offering a hint of a past life.


    When issues arise within the watershed that have the potential to affect the quality of the river, the LRWA serves as a voice for the river and the watershed with the best interests of the public and natural resources in mind. Water withdrawals, wastewater treatment plants, conservation of open space have been at the center of past activities. In-stream flow, or the management of water in the river particularly during low flow periods is a current issue being debated. It is important for the LRWA to have a voice in such a critical issue.